The Management Team

Robert Brown | Founder, CEO

Robert is a serial entrepreneur who has spent his career moving between leadership roles for start-up initiatives and senior management positions at major global institutions. After almost two decades in the financial technology space, Rob took his knowledge and expertise from the markets and applied them to his number one passion: travel. Having first become a respected voice in the Futures industry, Robert now has a solid reputation in the travel domain as a thought leader and a technology innovator and is a sought-out speaker on travel-tech trends. Robert holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario and an MBA from London Business School.


Heidi Brown | Founder, COO

In an effort to merge her experience in the financial markets with her passion for globetrotting, Heidi founded Options Away, confident that the next big thing in travel will be options on airfare. Heidi earned a degree in Economics from the University of Toronto before beginning her career trading global currencies. She eventually landed her dream job as a relationship specialist for a European bank, living in Germany and travelling throughout Europe for almost a decade before receiving her MBA from the London Business School. Heidi is active in the Chicago entrepreneurial scene and regularly speaks publicly about startups and founders’ issues.



Michael is a leader in the travel technology space with 25 years of experience architecting, developing and integrating travel solutions. Michael has designed technology and online systems for domestic and international airlines, global distribution suppliers and leading travel management companies. He is known around the globe for his innovative approach and passion for adding value to the marketplace and consumer experience. From his background in international fare pricing and inventory management to being a founding team member of both Orbitz and G2 SwitchWorks, Michael has established a strong track record in building next-generation travel systems.



Jason expertly combines his years in the financial markets with extensive online travel experience. Jason has worked with many large e-commerce brands and has a clear history of negotiating online partnerships from conception to completion. Jason's background includes various product, marketing and business development roles at National Leisure Group, Orbitz Worldwide, Room77, and most recently Groupon Getaways. Jason holds a BA in Business Administration from Washington State University and an MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management.

Tim Saylor

VP Engineering

With his extensive background as both software engineer and consultant, Tim provides the perfect mix of experience enabling him to build complex, scalable systems while refining the understanding of business problems and designing the right technology solutions. In addition to his Computer Science degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Tim brings to bear his knowledge from a wide range of disciplines including e-commerce, data analytics, content management, supply chain management, and health care. Tim leads his engineering team with ease and has a true knack for bringing out the best in all of the Options Away software developers.